Position Summary

The Special Accounts Sales Manager will be responsible for developing, implementing and managing the sales and marketing business strategy and activities in order to meet the Company’s objectives for business growth, retention and profitability.

Strategic planning and implementation

· Lead the development and implementation of the sales and marketing strategy ensuring alignment to the overall business plan for business growth and profitability.

· Define category and portfolio segmentation in order to formulate and inform marketing and sales strategies.

· Align strategy by integrating all planning efforts in order to realize the business objectives and goals.

· Implement the business and operational plans aligned to the sales and marketing strategy to ensure the achievement of targets.

· Provide financial insights to make informed and strategic sales and marketing decisions.

· Anticipate situations and develop approaches that maximize business opportunities.

· Carry out market intelligence to gain an understanding of changes in the market, competitor activity, consumer needs and to gain information on possible opportunities.

Sales and Marketing Management and Operations

· Inform and implement sales policies and procedures including, but not limited to, payment terms, distributor agreements, and pricing and discount structures.

· Develop and Manage team structure to support strategic direction and design guidelines for special sales and marketing operations

· Establish and mentor the growing Sales Team and building incentive structures to perform at their highest potential.

· Create strategy and structures for sales processes, including agreements, contracts and policies.

· Establish new business opportunities in order to drive volume and increase sales, grow market share and grow the Company’s portfolio of clients.

· Propose and implement appropriate tracking and evaluation systems to monitor the business, sales and activity plans in line with the approved strategies.

· Work with Operations Team to create demand and stocking model.

· Report and represent the sales and marketing function in management meetings when called upon.

Relationship Management

· Support the development, implementation, and the use of reporting templates.

· Build and maintain strong relationships with existing and prospective customers ensuring customer satisfaction and continued business growth.

· Pitch CSR partnership proposals to prospective clients.

· In liaison with the finance team and other team members, manage and facilitate the selling process to effectively respond to customer needs.

· Collaborate with the system, customers and key stakeholders to achieve the overall business objective.

Financial Management

· Develop, implement and monitor the sales and marketing (income and expenditure) budget to ensure it is within approved limits.

· Manage credit and support in the collection of overdue payments.

· Negotiating profitable sales contracts with customers ie termly or with distributors and wholesalers

· Provide accurate financial information for the sales and marketing department to management to monitor performance.

This role will have no supervisory responsibility at this time but is expected to grow as you build out the special accounts client base and revenue.

· Kindly send you resume and cover letter, to careers@zanaafrica.com

· Indicate title of the role in the subject line.

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