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FilmAid international is a community-based, impact-driven humanitarian communications organization. Since 1999, FilmAid has worked to enhance the effectiveness of aid delivery, knowledge transfer, community resilience, and behavior change in complex emergencies in East Africa, the Middle East, the Caribbean, Southeast Asia, and beyond. Our community-centered methodology differentiates FilmAid from other communications organizations and enables us to create more effective, more targeted and more measurable communications campaigns that can materially affect and improve the lives of refugees around the world.

FilmAid is working to enhance resilience of displacement-affected population and marginalized Kenyan’s in Kakuma and Dadaab by developing capacity of beneficiaries through its skills development programs. FilmAid trains affected populations in modern communications through specific skills development in film production, digital media, journalism, photography, radio and media entrepreneurship. The aim of the programs is to equip program participants with enhanced communications skills that are applicable in a broad range of livelihoods in the modern information economy.
FilmAid is looking to engage a consultant to carry out market survey on communications entrepreneurship for beneficiaries of its programs in Dadaab and Kakuma.
Objectives of the Assignment
The market survey will aim to:
i. Map out stakeholders in communications entrepreneurship training in the target areas; Define stakeholder broadly to incorporate any commercial opportunities that require modern communications skills
ii. Establish knowledge, attitudes and practices on communications entrepreneurship among refugees and host communities in the target areas;
iii. Assess skills demand and gaps in film and digital media production;
iv. Assess skills needs in modern communications within as well as outside the media sector (small businesses, NGOs, local government, national and international corporations)
v. Identify markets for communications skills and entrepreneurship in Kakuma, Dadaab, country of origin, country of resettlement and the globe.

▪ Develop an inception report and budget for approval by FilmAid.
▪ Conduct desk review of relevant secondary data including FilmAid’s project documents (curriculum, project proposal, livelihood reports etc.);
▪ Develop market survey tools with participation of key FilmAid staff prior to fieldwork;
▪ Determine appropriate sample size from which the survey data will be gathered and design data collection schedule;
▪ Propose a research team if necessary, conduct field preparation/ training for the research team and conduct piloting;
▪ Supervise field primary data collection including implementing data quality control mechanisms;
▪ Translate and transcribe into English all materials recorded in local dialects;
▪ Conduct data management and analysis using SPSS, Nvivo, Atlas.ti etc.
▪ Write the draft market survey report of findings with necessary recommendations to be presented to FilmAid for validation;
▪ Prepare a final market survey report after review, comment and edits of initial drafts by FilmAid.

▪ Report on knowledge, attitudes and practices on communications skills and entrepreneurship in the target areas;
▪ Report on skills demand and gap in film and digital media production;
▪ Report on skills demand and gap for communications skills outside the media sector.
▪ Report on existing markets for communications skills and entrepreneurship in Kakuma, Dadaab, country of origin, country of resettlement and the globe;
▪ Report on opportunities for communications entrepreneurship in Kakuma, Dadaab, country of origin, country of resettlement and the globe;
▪ Report on stakeholders in communications and entrepreneurial skills training in the target areas;
▪ The survey and report finding and recommendations is gender, age and disability inclusive.

▪ Inception report
▪ Meeting to share tools, methodology, draft and final report (4 meetings)
▪ Presentation of research findings (utmost10 slides)
▪ Draft report on soft copy submitted for review
▪ 5 bound hardcopies of final report in FilmAid’s format
▪ One soft copy of final report on Data CD/DVD word and PDF
▪ Soft copy of SPSS wav. Files (Data template of Data CD/DVD
▪ Soft copies of FGD/KII/Interviews transcripts on Data CD/DVD
▪ Hard Copies of raw data (Questionnaires and Transcripts).

The consultant shall be engaged for a period of 28 days from January 23rd 2017. During this period the consultant shall be engaged according to an agreed upon schedule/work plan. Any substantial changes in the timeline will be discussed with FilmAid in advance. FilmAid does not take responsibility in possible changes in the agreed upon schedule due to delays caused by factors beyond its control.

▪ Academic degree in relevant technical field (preferably in Food security, Livelihood, Economics, BCC, C4D).
▪ At least 5 years direct experience working on market survey, value chain analysis and working knowledge of communications entrepreneurship programs.
▪ Demonstrable experience in the market analysis and surveys.
▪ Excellent mixed methods research skills including electronic data capture.
▪ Excellent communication and facilitation skills.
▪ Strong analytical and critical thinking skills.
▪ Abreast knowledge of local communications market trends in country, in the region and abroad.
▪ Experience conducting research in refugee camps and marginalized communities.

Consultant(s) that meet the above requirement should submit expression of interest that include the following:
▪ Cover letter including the consultant’s suitability for the assignment and current day time contacts.
▪ CVs including education qualifications and detailed work experience in similar assignments. Where more than one consultant will be involved indicate the overall lead consultant and responsible persons and include CVs.
▪ The successful consultant will be requested to submit and present an inception report with detailed methodology, work plan, resources required, team composition, costs to undertake this assignment. This will be approved by FilmAid Kenya and will act as part of the agreement between parties as to how the work will be undertaken.

Application processDeadline to submit the expression of interest 16th January 2017. All applications should be addressed to Human Resource Manager and sent by email to clearly indicating ‘Consultancy: Market Survey” in the email subject line.

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