BRCiS Consortium Information Management Consultant – Norwegian Refugee Council

BRCiS Consortium Information Management Consultant
Building Resilient Communities in Somalia (BRCiS) is a consortium of humanitarian NGOs providing a range of DRR, development, social protection and emergency response efforts across Somalia.
The BRCiS Consortium consists of Norwegian Refugee Council (lead), CESVI, Concern Worldwide, International Rescue Committee and Save the Children. The Consortium began in late 2013 with a 4-year resilience grant from DFID and has grown from this core-funding to include a diverse portfolio of resilience and crises modifying initiatives. From the shared experience of the last 4 years, BRCiS has developed strong programmatic values, a Somalia-centered culture, bottom-up methodology and the organizational capacity to lead the way forward.

BRCiS collects large amount of data while implementing its programme. The data is collected by field staff and managers through different technologies. It is then kept in different database on a server and visualized on an online dashboard.

The Consortium is searching for a consultant that to help with a number of processes related to information management systems including assessing and sorting out some issues with the data already collected and providing recommendations and ways forward to a better information management system.
The current information system in the Consortium comprises of a Mobile Data Collection System; A Cloud Based Database for storing data collected from the field; A web based Application for registering new projects and activities; Lastly, Data Visualization tools to aid in the analysis of the collected data by the Partners.

• Systematically assess the quality of the databases
• Proceed to final data cleaning including designing, maintaining, executing and documenting database tests.
• Identify gaps in information and instruct the Consortium on how to complement the information using the software application available.
• Consolidate essential beneficiaries’ information in a single database.
• Improve the system to collect the data to harmonize the information management.
• Issue recommendations on how to streamline the information management system including database structure, data quality, documentation, and software applications

• Audit and assess the database and systems in place
• Proceed with data cleaning and gaps analysis
• Inform BRCiS Members on the status of the data base and design a data patching plan agreed and reviewed by the Consortium
• Create a beneficiary “Cap” system to control for double counting, neighbouring village beneficiaries and IDP beneficiaries within the Manager’s Form dataset.
• Create a “Qlikcloud” beneficiaries served dashboard drawing from ONA and Manager’s Form datasets that allows disaggregation of beneficiaries by location, time and activity, as well as overall beneficiaries without double-counting.
• Lead the process of patching data gaps with the Members
• Consolidate the beneficiaries information database and upload it to the server as needed
• Based on the conclusions of the audit and assessments, draft an information management plan to improve the Consortium information management system
• Review and validate the plan with the BRCiS Members
• Review software and data collection, cleaning and warehousing to take forward the recommendations of the plans
• Develop guidance documents, training materials for the Consortium Members to implement the information management plan as required.

• Initial database assessment report and plan to address the gaps
• Creation a beneficiary “Cap” system within the Manager’s Form dataset.
• Creation of a “Qlikcloud” beneficiaries served dashboard.
• Consolidated data base and dashboard
• Information management plan
• Training material and guidance documents for the BRCiS Member and CMU to support consultant activities/deliverables
• Final report and presentation of the work accomplished.

• Must be a Top-notch problem solver and very detail oriented.
• Ability to manoeuvre and debug within the application’s source code.
• Excellent analytical, detail-oriented, presentation and problem solving skills.
• Proven work experience as a system analyst and developer.
• Professional Software Development (ex: Web development in JS, PHP and HTML).
• Experience in developing Data Visualization Tools/Dashboard using QlikSense and Qlikview.
• Experience with Data Modelling tool and methodology.
• Expert database skills including complex SQL queries, performance tuning and database development (DDL, DML, stored procedures etc.).
• Experiences in Auditing Databases and Documenting the findings.
• Knowledge and use of Mobile Data Collection platforms such as ONA and ODK.

• Ability to Conceptualize, Assess and document the current problems/inefficiencies in our database and come up with solutions.
• Strong communication and documentation skills.
• Strong analytical, problem identification and solving skills.
• Ability to complete tasks meeting project plan schedules and deadlines.
• Work is approximately expected to take place over a 45 day period.
• All work must be completed by December 10th 2017.
• Consultants open to building upon this experience in further partnerships with BRCiS in 2018 are preferable.

To Apply; visit; then go to vacancies.
Please send your CVs through the webcruiter and send any supporting documents to
Deadline for application: 12.11.2017.

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