Request for Information – AGRA

The African Green Revolution Forum (AGRF) secretariat announces a request for expressions of interest regarding a full suite of event management services (including delegate management), conference planning, branding, décor, exhibition, transportation, as well as technical and on-site support for our annual, five-day forum held in Africa.

The intent of this RFI is to solicit information on capabilities, design approach, and pricing from qualified firms for preparation and management of all logistical aspects related to hosting a successful forum. A comprehensive RFP with venue, size, and theme details will be released in December. The successful event management (consulting) firm will enter into a service contract for three years.
The African Green Revolution Forum (AGRF) focuses on bringing together African leaders, policy makers, development specialists, scientists, private sector actors, and representatives of agribusinesses and farmers’ organizations to discuss feeding Africa through the potential wealth of its own agricultural land. The discussions are mainly centered on promoting investments, public – private opportunities and policy support for driving agricultural productivity and income growth for African farmers in an environmentally sustainable way. AGRF is expecting 1,200 – 1,500 attendees at the conference and will take place in a different African city each of the three years, normally held in the first two weeks of September.

I. Event Management
In partnership with the AGRF Secretariat, the successful firm is expected to provide the following event management services, including but not limited to:
a) Develop and implement a comprehensive work plan for all logistics
b) Staff and manage the local organizing committee, serving as the liaison between the AGRF Secretariat and local sponsors, local service providers, and host government
c) Provide on-the-ground, staff for everyday running of AGRF (emphasis on English and French language skills)
d) Manage all event exhibitions
e) Manage the registration process from start to end; online registration, confirmations, hotel bookings, travel arrangements, printing of participant badges, and on-the-ground support (this should include a mobile registration center fully equipped to handle registration from start to end and print out badges)
f) Solicit, review, recommend, and manage all service providers (i.e., on-site technical assistance, translation, bilingual hostesses, entertainment services, MCs, floor manager, etc.)
g) Manage accommodation reservation and on the ground arrivals, check in and check out process for all AGRF delegates
h) Develop and manage all communications between AGRF Secretariat, service providers, and other key stakeholders for real-time updates both the week prior and during the forum; this includes daily scripts (run-of-show) for the forum to be shared at least 24 hours in advance
i) Coordinate and manage relevant protocol and security for Heads of State, Government Ministers, CEOs, and other VIPs
j) Responsible for working with the venue to prepare session, breakout, media, and other rooms at the venue in accordance with session owner requirements
k) Manage all social programs including but not limited to dinners, cocktails, breakfasts and lunches (i.e., procurement of food, entertainment, etc.)
II. Conference Planning Services Content Development and Facilitation Service
In partnership with the AGRF Secretariat, the successful firm is expected to provide the following event conference planning services before, during, and after the forum, including but not limited to:
a) Coordinate the design and development of the overall agenda for AGRF 2018 in partnership with the AGRF Secretariat and Partner; including pre-events, side events, design and facilitation of both plenaries and breakout sessions for the five-day forum (three-day forum plus two days for pre-events)
b) Identify and provide technical support to resource persons and facilitate a minimum of 12 breakout sessions (3 breakouts per session) and approximately 25 side events to capture and ensure delivery of the expected outputs (numbers of sessions and events may change depending on program requirements)
c) Coordinate the ongoing development and cultivation of various thematic working groups and communities of practice to discuss critical issues relating to the AGRF mandate throughout the year. This role includes a range of convening/ discussion fora, virtual dialogues and events to outline key advocacy messages and influence key policy makers and other constituents. This will include the development of strategy for each Thematic Working Group (TWG) at the start of the contract linking it to the theme and objectives for AGRF for each year and follow up to ensure objectives and goals of each TWG in partnership with the AGRF Secretariat and Partners
d) Manage and build upon existing database of speakers and moderators to match the theme of the AGRF and the TWGs for that year
e) Provide qualified rapporteurs to coordinate documentation of all sessions and provide session notes at the end of the Forum, note rapporteurs must be bilingual in French and English
f) Reach out to high level speakers across public, private, and non-profit sectors and confirm their participation three months before AGRF. Identify speakers during TWG session meetings from the beginning of the year and keep the Secretariat as well as AGRF Technical and Planning teams updated. After each TWG session, produce reports and list of speakers and moderators who are confirmed and use this information to provide updates for the website and other collateral / media channels
g) Identify and brief moderators that are invited on their role and expected outputs from each session as well as session design
h) Produce event script, session briefs and identify key messages to be included in keynote speeches and presentations to be made during AGRF
i) During the event, ensure a smooth flow of the sessions by ensuring the sessions start and end on time
j) Collect all presentations given in power point format to ensure that they are captured for distribution on the AGRF website
k) Set up a team to prepare the forum communiqué to be presented on the final day and ensure the conference communique is widely disseminated after the event in partnership with AGRF Communications team
l) Assist with developing, disseminating and analyzing the results of a participant survey to generate meaningful feedback on all aspects of AGRF
m) Develop the final Forum Report which will include all session reports from AGRF and the TWG reports
n) Other duties as assigned by the AGRF Secretariat
III. Branding
In partnership with the AGRF Secretariat, the successful firm is expected to provide the following branding design and development services, including but not limited to:
a) Develop the AGRF and Africa Food Prize (AFP) brand strategy and marketing plan in partnership with AGRF Secretariat and AGRA communications
b) Develop a visual and brand identity for AGRF and AFP which would include a style guide that should be delivered as a document for future use and should include samples of all collateral and brand elements
c) Develop, design and roll out collateral to ensure visual coherence in AGRF and AFP materials and communications. These materials will include: relevant business communications items, publications (i.e., newsletter template, marketing materials both for indoor and outdoor, Africa Food Prize launch and ceremony elements such as nomination cards and factsheet, relevant social media templates, merchandizing, environmental and event branding)
d) Ensure all the collateral is produced on time and is high quality
e) Work with website manager and IT to align website look and feel with the brand concepts and strategy
f) Develop AGRF and AFP respective program layout designs
g) Design relevant E-shots for Africa Food Prize nominations period
h) Develop, design and produce AFP certificate and diploma
i) Develop the theme, look and feel for the AFP Award Ceremony at the AGRF 2018
In partnership with the AGRF Secretariat, the successful candidate is expected to provide the following branding production services, including but not limited to:
a) Development and production of agreed materials to be deployed at different areas within the conference venue, airports, various hotels and their environs – as advised by the AGRF Secretariat (note: include sample pictorial designs, images and costs with submission)
b) Print and produce high quality branding materials in line with the specifications as laid out in the approved brand concept document and as specified by the Secretariat. If not awarded the printing assignment, the successful candidate is expected to work with the secretariats appointed printer / production house to ensure that all materials produced are consistent with AGRF / AFP standards, installation is done as envisioned in the design work.
c) Provide a technical person to work directly with the secretariat to manage and oversee installation of all branding material and ensure that all materials are well fitted to last the entire period of the AGRF
d) Provide advice on materials and production that is in line with approved budgets and timelines
Sample branding materials from past AGRF events include the following: (note that numbers and sizes may vary by venue and number of attendees)
• 25 outdoor drop flags (similar to tear drops but square size)
• 20 roll up banners (normal size)
• 5 street banners (size 6 meters by 1 meter)
• 2backdrop banners (size 15 meters by 3 meters)
• 6 backdrop banners (size 3 meters by 3 meters)
• Printing of approved AGRF dinner menu, table numbers, table tents
• Quotes for 4 bill boards near the airport or other relevant strategic locations
• Full width customized stage backdrop for the selected AGRF venue.
• Interactive walls for the Africa Food Prize.
IV. Décor Services
In partnership with the AGRF Secretariat, the successful firm is expected to provide the following décor related services, including but not limited:
a) Decor for the Africa Food Prize (AFP) Award Ceremony and Dinner (~ 800 seated participants) to include Heads of State, Ministers, CEOs and other VIPs
b) Sub-contracting of food and beverage services for welcome drinks and dinner as well as sub-contracting of entertainment services

c) Provide a minimum of three different – themed based décor for the gala dinner, including concepts and pictures with quotes to include:
• Plasma screens
• Lighting, PA, and sound
• Powered standby generator
• Cocktail tables
• Stage
• Seats and tables for dinner
• Tent/Dome for dinner to include lighting (depending on venue capabilities)
V. Exhibition Booths
In partnership with the AGRF Secretariat, the successful firm is expected to provide the following conference planning services, including but not limited:
a) Provide and set up exhibition booths at a pre-selected area at the Venue (~40 booths)
b) Provide sample images of proposed booths, signage, layout and cost for the same
c) Ensure that all booths are allocated and extra items requested for the booths are provided (i.e., tables, TV Screens for the booths, chairs, electrical wiring etc.)
VI. B2B Matchmaking Services
In partnership with the AGRF Secretariat, the successful firm is expected to provide the following B2B matchmaking services, including but not limited:
d) Design relevant B2B space
e) Work with the larger secretariat to ensure all requests are met
f) Help delegates with match making requests
g) Give feedback on successful requests
h) Link the B2B schedule with an AGRF mobile application to enable delegates to set up and schedule B2B meetings
VII. Transportation Services
In partnership with the AGRF Secretariat, the successful firm is expected to provide the following transportation services, including but not limited:
a) Provide transport during the five-days of the Forum for delegates and prior for planning committee as requested by the AGRF Secretariat; this includes buses, vans, and high end vehicles for ~100 VIPs
b) Provide and manage airport transfers upon arrival and departure
c) Shuttle delegates from their hotels to conference venue during the event
d) Provide support staff to serve as airport greeters, shuttle managers / transport coordinators, hotel desk guest assistants, etc.
e) Prepare staff at the hotels and venue to answer forum related questions and manage materials for distribution (i.e., programs, maps, etc.)
VIII. Technical and On-Site Support
In partnership with the AGRF Secretariat, the successful firm is expected to provide the following technical and on-site support services, including but not limited:
a) Manage lighting, sound and equipment in all meeting rooms during the forum
b) Supply of on-site supervisors/technicians with working knowledge of all equipment, who can also assist secretariat in breakout rooms when required
c) Back-up for all equipment, in case of failure, should be readily available
d) Supply of exhibition booths/tables during the forum at a reasonable fee
e) Appropriate draping/ and or decor to be provided in all meeting rooms
f) Work with the IT and Communications for live streaming requirements
Note: please provide an outline of all expenses for on-site technical support (including proposed staff structure) not included in equipment rental pricing
Sample Past Equipment Required (varies on venue capabilities)
1 laser printers
4 laptops
1 heavy duty copier
10 desktop networked computers
4 lcd projector
4 plasma screens (appropriate sound connection)
6 wireless microphones
3 projection screens one on each side of the stage for presentations with appropriate masking
10 table microphones
3 cue light and timer
3 podium microphones
4 wireless pointers
8 lapel mics
1 multi-purpose box for press
Set up stations for laptops in the media center
Further requirements will be defined in the RFP and as the program sessions are finalized. Historical requirements include stage banners, ambiance lighting, large screens, podiums, microphones, etc. based on capabilities of the selected venue. **

Proposal Submission Guidelines
Interested and qualified firms are invited to submit their response(s) comprising of the following:
• Understanding of the project and Terms of Reference
• Project Management Plan (where applicable)
• Proposed staffing structures for required services and bilingual (French and English) capabilities
• Indicate capacity and ability to perform in line with this request, highlighting regional presence and third party service provider relationships
• Detailed past experience indicating the scope, magnitude, and complexity of similar assignments within the last three years including three references with contact details
• CVs highlighting experience and qualifications of key staff
• Certified copies of the Certificate of Incorporation, a valid tax compliance certificate, PIN and VAT Registration
• Detailed cost breakdown in USD (US Dollars) for undertaking the assignment
All proposals should specify if the applicant is the sole proprietor of the company expressing interest to the bid and or he/she is sub-contracting from service providers. AGRF will not assume responsibility for unpaid sub-contractors.

All interested consultants or consultancy companies are asked to submit their proposals by close of business on 6th December 2017 at 1700 Hours East Africa Time (GMT +3) to the following email address: ((Please indicate bid number AGRF 2018 Request for Information on email subject)

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