Technical consultant for the Development – Nairobi – Saferworld

Saferworld is seeking a competent and experienced consultant to develop data capture and analysis tools to be used for a field research project. The consultant is expected to work with the Saferworld team to programme the survey into the data collection software, prepare the tools to be deployed by the research team and train enumerators on conducting quantitative research and to provide technical support to analyse the quantitative data using the appropriate software programme (Stata or SPSS).

Saferworld’s engagement in Somalia/Somaliland

Saferworld is an independent organisation that works directly with local people as well as through governments and international bodies to prevent violent conflict and encourage co-operative approaches to security. Saferworld has programmes in over 15 countries in Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Saferworld has been working in Somalia/Somaliland since 2004, initially to strengthen the participation and influence of Somali Non-State Actors (NSAs) in key decision-making processes on peace, security, governance and development. Since then the programme has expanded into areas of democratisation, community security and police accountability and research and analysis of governance and conflict transformation. Within the Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation (PCT) Project Saferworld will conduct quantitative and qualitative research for which a technical consultant is required to provide support.

Purpose and Objective
The purpose of this assignment is to conduct the technical preparation of mixed method research hardware and programme research tools into data collection software in order to capture information efficiently, effectively and securely. Technical support will then be required to conduct data analysis and to identify results, trends and linkages.

Specific Objectives:
o Identify the software and hardware to be used for capturing data during the research and to be deployed for data analysis.
o Work with the PCT team to create a questionnaire and upload it to the relevant software and hardware.
o Ensure data capture, transfer and storage is secure using coded encryption, and provide guidance on secure data storage. This may be done in consultation with Saferworld Information Security consultants.
o Provide ad-hoc support to identify and address technical support requirements during the testing of the tools and deployment in the field.
o Provide technical support and where necessary training for the analysis of quantitative data using mutually agreed statistical software analysis tools. **
Competence and experience:**

 A minimum of five years’ experience designing and programming quantitative and qualitative research software and hardware using mobile data collection tools.
 Direct experience of conducting research in Somalia or in conflict affected areas with challenging technical environments – such as limited electricity, limited and unreliable internet etc.
 Minimum of three year’s technical competence in conducting statistical analysis using relevant
 Strong communication skills, able to translate technically complex information to team members.
 Experience training enumerators in research tools and methodology
 Flexible can-do attitude and problem solving mind-set.
 Ability to work with a wide range of people with varying technical competencies
 Ability to work in a team and with a high level of cultural sensitivity.
 Fluency in English essential, Somali language is an asset.

Interested candidates should submit a CV and cover letter demonstrating their suitability for this role to Mercy Muu, HR & Operations Officer at Please include information of your consultancy rate and availability. It is anticipated that this consultancy will begin in September 2017.

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