Junior Consultant – Field Buzz – NAIROBI, KE

We are already working with important clients in East Africa, including Neumann Kaffee Gruppe (NKG), the world’s largest coffee-trading group, in Kenya and Uganda, and BRAC, the world’s largest microfinance operator, in Tanzania and Rwanda. We are also preparing to launch a more standardized “Software-as-a-Service” version for SMEs in East Africa in the near future, and collaborations with mobile network operators and mobile money platforms.
We are looking for a Junior Consultant, based in Nairobi and willing to travel around the region, to support
us in the day-to-day implementation of the solutions:
Becoming a key representative of Field Buzz in East Africa, communicating with our existing and potential new clients and strengthening our service-provider/client relationship;
Helping to develop and execute a marketing strategy to increase our profile in the region and convince new
clients to buy our service;
Helping to set up and roll out the system for our clients in East Africa;
Providing initial and follow-up training to all the different kinds of users;
Being the first line of support, to support the managers and users in the field;
Providing ongoing advice to the client’s project managers about how to use the software to manage their operations more effectively, and encouraging them to use the software in the right way;
Identifying bugs and usability issues and helping with quality-control (testing) of the software, in coordination with our team of engineers in Dhaka;
Helping to prepare the needs analysis and functional specifications for additional future modules in the software, to make it even more powerful and useful as time goes on;
And generally working as an important member of our team to make sure that the project is a success.
The Junior Consultant will be based in Nairobi, with daily contact to the rest of the Field Buzz project team, but she or he will spend about 50% of her or his working days with the key users in many different rural locations around Kenya and Tanzania: sitting with managers and field users, showing them how to use the system, training or supporting key users, etc.
This role is a very exciting, challenging and rewarding experience, and could rapidly lead to a more senior role within Field Buzz, as we look to build up our office in Nairobi.

The requirements for this role include:
Recent university graduate, preferably in a management or technology-related degree, ideally with previous professional experience in a comparable or related type of work (but don’t stop reading yet if you are an outstanding candidate with a different background – see the next paragraph below!);
Swahili and English native language speaker;
Based in Nairobi, with the willingness and excitement to travel extensively across East Africa and discover rural areas;

Available to start the job ASAP.
We are more interested in potential to learn new skills and to adapt quickly to new challenges, in demonstrated ability and interest in relevant fields, and in commitment to the role, than in any specific formal requirements. So as with all our projects in our company, this role will also require:
Significant self-initiative, ambition, maturity, responsibility, hard work and meeting deadlines, but also being a fun part of the team and helping each other out;
Diplomacy and “soft skills”: understanding and being understood by, liking and being liked by, and working with people of very different backgrounds, education levels and interests.
An interest and comfort in mastering new technology, and sharing this competence with others: are you the person in your family or group of friends who solves everyone else’s technology problems? Are you the kind of person who plays around with the settings in your smartphone or computer to make them “just right” for you? etc.
Common-sense, very strong logical thinking and analytical ability, but also creative thinking and intuition;
Strategic vision, focus on the “most important” and looking for smart short-cuts whenever possible, but also attention to detail, the commitment to finish things properly and making them the best they can be;
A commitment to contribute to “social impact”, helping to make a positive difference in society.

How to Apply
You are interested in this role? Please send a CV and covering letter or email explaining why you could be a good fit, in English, to camille@field.buzz