Director Corporate Services – Insurance Regulatory Authority – Nairob

Job Purpose
This position provides overall leadership and direction on long-term, medium term and day-to-day management of Finance, Information Technology, Human Resource, Administration and Corporate Communications functions
of IRA. The position is also responsible for building and sustaining the capacity of corporate services and provides exemplary stewardship through
formulation, development, interpretation, establishment, monitoring and improvement of accounting, finance, Human Resource, IT and administrative systems, standards and procedures.

Job Specification / Key responsibilities
Duties and responsibilities will entail:
Managerial / Supervisory Responsibilities
Oversee the formulation and execution of policies, procedures, plans and strategies in the functional areas of Finance, Corporate Communication, Information and Communication Technology, Human Resource Management and Administration;
Coordinating the functions of finance, human resource management, Administration, information and Communication technology and corporate communication to ensure seamless delivery of services;
Oversee the development of structures, policies and programs to attract and retain quality talent, prudent utilization of financial resources, compliance with statutory obligations, and leverage on technology to deliver its services and enhance the image of IRA;
Offer expertise and advisory to the Commissioner and the Board on the external landscape/emerging issues with respect to changing governmental legislations & policies that potentially affects and/or changes the financial, administrative, human resource and IT requirements including the new accounting standards in order to continuously update operations of the Authority;
Provide guidance on recruitment process to ensure that the Authority attracts and retains professional, competent and motivated workforce to deliver the strategic objectives;
Oversee development of the Authority’s annual Operating and Capital budgetary requirements;
Oversee development of a robust remuneration strategy and appropriate terms and conditions of employment;
Provide guidance on occupational safety and health matters within the Authority;
Ensure financial prudence and discipline for Financial Accounting, Planning, Treasury management, budgeting and budgetary controls within the existing legal and regulatory framework;
Coordinate the development and implementation of data protection strategy;
Oversee the management of outsourced services such as cleaning, security, transport and catering services for effective service delivery
Oversee establishment of a robust ICT infrastructure and information systems that comply with legal and regulatory, requirements and best practices to support achievement of Authority’s mandate;
Oversee the preparation of the Authority’s annual book of accounts;
Coordinate the development and implementation of strategies aimed at fostering a positive organizational culture within the Authority;
Provide leadership on the development of effective internal controls to monitor compliance with policies, procedures and systems;
Ensure the Authority complies with the relevant laws, standards and Government regulations relevant to the directorate’s functions;
Oversee development, implementation and review of the Directorate’s annual budgets, annual work plans, procurement and disposal plan in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations;
Oversee the provision of adequate, secure and conducive office working environment for all the employees of the Authority;
Provide leadership in the development and implementation of the business continuity, and ICT governance;
Responsible for stakeholder management and enhancement of corporate image of the Authority;
Provide guidance in submission of reports to various government agencies;
Ensure adequate controls and maintenance over the Authority’s physical assets;
Coordinate the internal and external communication strategies of the Authority including crisis management;
Oversee the development, implementation and review of the Authority’s service charter to ensure delivery of quality service;
Provides oversight of the Directorate’s implementation of Quality Management System, risk management and knowledge management;
Oversee all human resource matters including development and implementation of the directorate’s human resource requirement, staff welfare, capacity building and succession plan.
Operational Responsibilities / Tasks
Regularly review, monitor the budget implementation and advice on the Authority’s accounts, major capital expenditures and reviewing performance and strategies at least on a quarterly basis;
Train, support, monitors and evaluate the ability of the managers to manage budgets, assets and liabilities;
Review on a regular basis the adequacy and integrity of the internal control and management information systems including compliance with applicable laws, regulations, rules and guidelines;
Take leadership in enhancement of the institutional capacity, profile and corporate image to facilitate effective positioning in the market;
Oversee the development and cascading of Performance Management to enhance performance and service delivery;
Ensure execution of the directorate’s strategies, policies, procedures and to align with the Strategic Plan of the Authority;
Monitor the development and implementation of the organizational structure, business processes and best management practices to maximize efficiency;
Coordinate the development of administrative policies and procedures to ensure efficient and effective service delivery;
Monitor performance, information and feedback mechanisms to inform continuous improvement in systems, processes and resource management;
Approve expenditure within set limits;
Provide guidance on development, implementation and monitoring of staff performance management framework for the Authority;
Ensure development and implementation of the Directorate’s budget and workplan;
Monitor compliance to Government statutory obligations such as PAYE, NHIF, NSSF and remittances of surplus to the Consolidated fund;
Ensure adherence to internal controls, procedures and assess compliance and relevance of the set controls; Facilitate preparation of internal and external audit responses and explanations and ensure that all audit queries are duly addressed;
Coordinate implementation of external and internal auditor’s recommendations;
Set performance targets and undertake performance appraisal for direct reports;
Ensure establishment of staff training and development plans;
Ensure the Authority’s human resource plan is implemented in accordance with the approved structure;
Institute strategies that promote IRA’s human resource attraction and retention;
Executing the role of a signatory to all the Authority’s bank accounts.
Ensure efficient service delivery to stakeholders in line with the Authority’s service charter;
Safeguard the image of IRA through appropriate corporate communication’s strategies and policies;
Coordinate preparation of relevant Board papers;
Implement Policy Directives and Circulars as provided from time to

Job SpecificationDirector Corporate Services;

Method of Application
Suitably qualified and experienced individuals should submit applications enclosing a detailed curriculum vitae (CV), copies of relevant academic and professional certificates/testimonials and a copy of National Identity Card.
The CV must at the minimum provide details of the applicant’s email address, day-time mobile telephone numbers, details of current employer, current remuneration and names and contacts of three (3) referees familiar with the applicant’s professional background and experience.
Applications, addressed to the undersigned, may be delivered at the Insurance Regulatory Authority (Registry Section) at Zep-Re Place, 2nd Floor, Longonot Road, Upper Hill. Please note that these should be sealed, marked “Confidential” and indicate the job reference (e.g “REF:SO/01” for Supervision Officer). Alternatively, they may be sent by post or email to:
Commissioner of Insurance & Chief Executive Officer
Insurance Regulatory Authority
Zep-Re Place
P.O Box 43505-00100
Applications must be received by close of business on 18th of August 2022