Internal Auditor – ICT Authority

Job Description
An officer at this level will be responsible to Deputy Director Internal Audit and duties entail:
Carry out independent tests and assessments of compliance with the policies, procedures and regulations as per the approved annual work plans;
Conducting internal audit activities in line with International Professional Practices standards for internal auditing and other statutory regulations;
Conduct audit of ICT Authority’s assets and accounting systems;
Compare records with physical assets to provide assurance and safeguard Institute’s assets;
Audit all payments and receipts to ensure compliance with budgetary provisions, policies and procedures;
Assist in carrying out technical audit of projects, programmes and practices;
Conduct verification of statutory reporting;
Participate in preparation of internal audit reports;
Participate in preparation and implementation of annual work plans, budgets and reports;
Review implementation of previous audit findings; and
Presentation of clear, concise and timely internal audit working papers.

Job Specifications
For appointment to this grade, a candidate must have: –
Bachelor’s degree in accounting or other relevant fields

Active Member of ICPAK or IIA.
At least three(3) years work experience
Computer skills in audit software.

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