Investigative Manager – Code for Africa (CfA)

Job Details
Do you want to help combat #disinfo and organised crime networks across Africa?
Code for Africa’s iLAB is recruiting for an investigative manager for its growing East African lab, in Nairobi.
You’d be managing a team of #DataScience analysts and #OSINT researchers, working with local #investigative newsrooms and watchdog NGOs, as part of our pan-African network of iLABs.
We’re casting the net beyond just #InvestigativeJournalism. You could also have honed your skills in #DigitalForensics, prosecutorial law, business intelligence, #DueDiligence, or other investigative professions.

Minimum Qualifications
Demonstrable investigative skills honed from experience in investigative journalism, prosecutorial law, business intelligence, due diligence, asset tracking, compliance, or other investigative professions. CfA will not consider any applicants who served with government intelligence agencies.
A minimum of 2 years managing either investigative or editorial teams, with evidence of successful collaboration/impact, in challenging and/or fast-moving environments, with stakeholders from a variety of journalistic/research traditions, cultures, levels of experience, and language proficiencies.
An understanding of influence operations, including both disinformation and misinformation, as well as digital amplification and viral media techniques would be a benefit.
Preferred Qualifications
Experience of managing or using digital technologies for conducting OSINT investigative research into influence operations and evolving disinformation trends, or alternatively using data-driven network analysis/named entity recognition tools for analysing PEPs or institutional networks.
Previous experience working on the digital collaboration tools that CfA uses, ranging from Slack and Google Drive, to Trello would be an advantage.
Familiarity with mining and handling large datasets would be a plus.
An understanding of offshore financial schemes, international money laundering operations, and/or criminal structures would be a bonus.

About the Role
The successful candidate will manage a team of forensic researchers and data scientists/analysts at the iLAB, who work in support of local partner newsrooms and other civic watchdog organisations.
The iLAB’s role is to offer these newsrooms/civic watchdogs a robust toolkit of open source intelligence (OSINT) leads and resources, along with investigative support for identifying and exposing disinformation and other influence operations intended to undermine our democracies and our economies. This will include helping to identify the botnets, fake accounts and unwitting proxies used by the shadowy ‘puppet masters’ who are producing and disseminating false content. The iLAB also actively gathers evidence on corruption and organised crime affecting the public sector, and transforms the information into actionable data to help civic watchdogs and investigative media better understand the nexus between politically exposed people (PEPs) and organised crime networks, and their role in subverting public resources.

You will work as the iLAB’s regional manager, nurturing and overseeing a growing team of forensic researchers and data scientists/analysts who will work on clearly defined projects in support of partner newsrooms / watchdog NGOs.
You will help generate investigative leads and/or research topics and/or hypothesis, based on digital signals/evidence from public sources, and will help your team scope/plan their research and analysis, with clear data requirements and timelines to product actionable outputs.
You will use CfA production tools and methodology to set investigative assignments and deadlines, based on clear hypothesis, and will oversee the day-to-day activities of your team while also coordinating its collaboration with other CfA teams and/or partners, all while ensuring quality control, and monitoring output/impact.
You will liaise with external CfA partners, including newsrooms and civil society experts, to help them find “the stories in the data”, and will ensure that both senior leadership as well as content teams at these partners are geared to support impactful publication of the iLAB’s investigative research.
You will proactively problem-solve and iterate on projects, helping your team and project partners find creative solutions for challenges or obstacles, and developing detailed plans for amplifying your team’s work.
You will actively serve as a member of CfA’s management committee (ManCom), contributing to the organisation’s overarching pan-African strategies and project portfolio.

What We Offer
A competitive salary, subject to experience, with opportunities for performance-based growth both in terms of career path and public stature.
A dynamic digital-first workplace, with the opportunity for regular remote work, occasional international travel, and generous vacation benefits.
An innovative cutting-edge project portfolio, that regularly helps push the envelope globally by pioneering new techniques/technologies and that demonstrates real-world applications with grassroots impact for digital tools.

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