Social Media Coordinator – Cellulant

Job Summary:
We are looking for a creative Social Media Coordinator who will be responsible for implementing our Social Media strategy in order to increase our online presence and improve our marketing and sales efforts.
Our ideal candidate is a team-spirited, skilled, and imaginative writer with an eye for detail and a strong writing background. If you can grasp project requirements quickly and offer valuable insight, we would like to meet you.
You should be able to create catchy web copies and repurpose developed content for various audiences to grow reach, engagement, and drive traffic on all our digital channels. For this position, it is also essential to be abreast with new technologies and digital marketing trends. Ultimately, you should be able to expand our company’s digital footprint and brand awareness as well as establish our social media-based customer support.
Mission of the Role: To grow our online community for Cellulant from 65K to 2M by 2021, and drive Top of Mind Awareness for Cellulant Brands growing reach to 10million month on month.
Cumulatively, Cellulant has a SM following of 60,000 and 30 blog subscribers on the Cellulant blog. As a Pan-African business, we need to grow this following to represent the market size we serve/hope to serve and increase our reach in the markets we operate.

Duties and Responsibilities
Implement and manage our social media strategy
Write high-engagement social media content that reflects our brand’s voice
Craft and share engaging content through various channels, ensuring strong web presence
Manage and oversee social media content
Edit and proofread web copy as needed
Keep abreast of the latest social media best practices and technologies
Monitor SEO and user engagement for content optimization
Communicate with industry professionals and influencers via social media to create a strong network
Collaborate with the PR & Content Manager, designers & multimedia creatives to repurpose blog content and develop a variety of multimedia content for wider and targeted distribution
Receive customer feedback and generate ideas to increase customer engagement
Day-to-day management of paid search efforts, digital campaign creation, keyword research, campaign optimization

Skills – Who you are
Copywriter: you must be good at creating content that is engaging and shareable.
Communication and presentation skills: You need excellent communication (written and verbal) and confident presentation skills in order to pitch ideas to the various teams and also explain your ideas to members of your team.
Interpersonal skills: Excellent interpersonal skills are a must. You need a clear creative vision while remaining open to others’ ideas. You have high trust for your team: respect others, not territorial and completely transparent
Fearless: Have the ability to fully commit to your strong ideas, as well as take the blame when a campaign does not go as planned.
Problem Solver: You have a passion for complex challenges and can work around any barrier. If the resources you need are not available, you take it upon yourself to achieve your goals.
Ideator – You are not afraid to dream big. You are never short of new ideas and you inspire those around you to reach for goals that can seem impossible to others.
A relentless executor – You are able to take moonshot ideas and break them into solvable problems. You are not afraid of hard work and there is no task that is too small if it contributes to your vision.
Work well under pressure – You are well versed in working under pressure, meeting difficult deadlines, and changing directions in design at a moment’s notice.

Qualifications for the role
3 years of experience as a Social Media Coordinator
Bachelor’s degree in marketing, communication, PR or a related field.
Social Media Strategist using social media for brand awareness and impressions
Excellent knowledge of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and other social media best practices
Excellent writer with experience in ad copy writing & editing
Understanding of SEO and web traffic metrics
Experience in producing copy for digital, print and broadcast channels
Experience with doing audience and buyer persona research
Good understanding of social media KPIs

Method of Application
Send your CV in PDF, the position should be used as the email subject: to before August 10th, 2020.
Hiring will be done on a rolling basis.