Guide – Segera Limited – Nairobi

Duties and Responsibilities:
You will be expected to obtain various items of equipment that will help to enhance your guests’ experience. Always be ready with the necessary items and/or equipment that will assist in enhancing the guests’ experience.
Professional time-keeping and being at the prescribed place at the prescribed time, without fail. Be punctual, you cost the guest money if you are late.
Liaise with the Housekeeping and Food & Beverage department for planning of events such as picnics, birthdays and special venue experiences.
To behave according to set rules and regulations and to prescribe to a set code of conduct.
To listen, understand and convey relevant information.
Host and entertain guests in the camp in accordance with the defined offering.
Be responsible for guest safety at all times and comply with the liability measures, briefings, etc. in place on Segera.
Follow all legal and reasonable instructions from management.
Maintain, care for and be responsible for any company equipment and assets entrusted to you.
Act in a professional manner at all times.
Create value added experiences on a continuous basis for all guests.
Understand, be familiar with and obey all operational rules.
Ensuring that all guest related issues are communicated to respective departments in detail
Ensure proper follow-up on guest requirements and complaints are addressed
Preparation is everything; if you are not prepared you will fail to impress your guests and could end up being disciplined by the Company. Always be prepared prior to meeting the guests.
We consider it to be best practice to under-promise and over-deliver, surprises are good and you need to remain flexible when delivering our promise to the guest.
You are expected to identify and be able to track and find animals.
To communicate clearly and effectively with guests and management.
You will be guiding and hosting guests for extended periods of time and educating your guests on the same topics continuously. The challenge is to find new ways of presenting the
same information. Use humor and engage the guest in the experience.
You will need to know how to find your way around the area you operate in, especially when off road or on foot.
Actively gathering accurate information for the environmental database and conservation initiatives.
Segera has high standards of service within the industry. As such we expect all our guides to adhere to the operational standards that are company policy.
You must know the wildlife laws of Kenya. These laws and acts are available from the government at the KWS offices.
On your own initiative, share and interpret relevant knowledge.
Schedule guest activities in accordance with the Segera offering.
Manage children’s activities in accordance with the Segera offering.

The ideal candidate must have the following minimum qualifications:-
Must be in possession of a valid professional guide’s license of Gold/Silver Medal.
Minimum of five years guiding experience in a high-end tourism entity and/ or Safari lodge.
A current and valid First Aid certificate.
Possess safe driving record and valid driving license.
Be fluent in foreign language(s) commonly used in the tourism industry.
Must always greet and receive guests with a smile on the face and in the voice.
Present a professional appearance and attitude at all times.
Focused on the activity or job at hand.

Strong communication skills.
Display good and sound judgment.
Integrity, flexible approaches to work coupled with enthusiasm, commitment and energy.
Service orientated.
Attention to detail.
Strong social skills.
Display willingness and ability to learn.
Pay attention to personal hygiene and appearance.
Display guest empathy.
Prior experience and knowledge in photography.
Exude confidence at all times.
Willingness to subscribe to the company’s 4 C’s and the 4 key principles of being fair, honest,
positive and creative at all levels of work.
Display cultural, gender, religion, race, nationality and age sensitivity and adaptability.

Method of Application
Those who meet the above qualifications should submit their applications through to reach the Human Resource Manager on or before the application deadline