Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist – Sharks Web Services Limited – Nairobi

Job Description/Responsibilities
SEO is an extremely crucial aspect of our online business. As an SEO specialist, your primary role will be to maximize the volume of inbound organic traffic from search engines to our websites. You will manage all on-page and off-page SEO activities to increase rankings on all major search engines (Google, Yahoo!, and Bing) and maximize return on investment (ROI). These activities include, but are not limited to, keyword strategy, content strategy, and link building.
For instance, on content strategy, you will be responsible for making key SEO decisions related to website content (e.g., what content the business needs and the webpage on which to upload the content). You must then write the content or delegate this task to freelance content writers. During the development of a new site, you will work with relevant individuals, such as software analysts/architects and developers, to ensure that the website has great, SEO-friendly content.
Because search engine algorithms are updated several times every year, an SEO specialist’s work environment is very dynamic. This dynamism calls for constant learning, dumping old techniques, adopting new ones, and experimenting with different strategies to perfect one’s skills and discover how the industry is changing.
The SEO industry has a minimal set of rules, standards, and best practices. Lots of old tricks and misconceptions abound in the industry. Furthermore, there are no schools that teach SEO. Thus, success in the SEO field depends on thorough research, experimentation (trial and error), observation, and experience. As such, we will NOT offer any SEO training. We are looking for an expert: an individual who has already been successful in this field. We are NOT looking for someone we will tell what to do; rather, we are interested in an individual who will advise us on what we need to do AND do it within a specified budget.

Education and Skills
A diploma or degree in any field. A BS degree in a quantitative, test-driven field is an added advantage.
Proven SEO experience.
Proven success in link-building and viral strategies.
Proven success and experience in building inbound organic search traffic and improving site rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs).
Up-to-date working knowledge of past, current, and projected trends in the SEO industry.
Familiarity with the best tools in the trade.
A background in creating reports showing web analytics data and site evaluations.
Functional understanding of web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Knowledge of PHP is an added advantage.
Must have a strong online presence and a passion for the web.
Excellent online research skills.
Proactive and self-motivated.
A fast learner. Willingness and the ability to research, learn, and apply new ideas quickly are very important traits.
Good written grammar skills.

Method of Application
If you are interested in this position, please send your CV and cover letter to by Monday, May 9, 2022, at 5:00 PM East Afrikan Time (EAT). Please make sure that your cover letter adheres to the following instructions:
It should be a Microsoft Word 2016 (.docx) document.
It does not need to be a formal cover letter (i.e., there is no need to include elements such as addresses, a salutation, or a signature). Instead, it should be a two-paragraph document in prose form explaining why you feel you are the best candidate for the SEO specialist position.
It should have no more than 200 words, and you should write it in your own words.
State your salary expectations (give a specific figure).