Branch Administrator – Bristol Park Hospital – Kitengela

Reference Number: HR/R/1365/2022
Duties and Responsibilities:
Internal Process
Ensuring all hospital set processes are adhered to.
Ensure all services adhere to all licensing bodies and MOH regulations.
Renew staff and Hospital licenses with the registered government bodies.
Implement FIFO system at the branch level to help reduce the number of expiries.
Ensuring supplies are delivered on time and all department heads have remitted requisition on time.
Ensure all machines are serviced to help reduce the downtime rate
Act as a link of communication between the company and insurance in regard to matters specific to the branch you are assigned to.
Theatre- Management and tracking of preauthorization and ensuring scheduled procedures are performed.
Supervising departmental inventories by tracking the consumption of drugs and consumables.
Refreshments management and kitchen use –ensuring patients get the menu that is requested and only approved staff refreshments are given to reduce expenses and wastage.
Ensure prompt ordering and stocking of medical and office supplies.
Resolve potential issues with patients.
Stay up-to-date with healthcare regulations
Ensure all staff report to their workstations on time and report any cases of lateness by staff
Ensure that all departments are fully covered first by staff, and where and when need be, by locum staff in liaison with the HR office.
Ensure continuous customer satisfaction with services by constant communication between customers and staff, and monitoring customer-staff interaction for professionalism and quality.
Ensure full monitoring of customer satisfaction by analyzing the feedback for the patients
Improve the organization’s brand and visibility by ensuring all staff are in appropriate uniforms or dress in adherence to the set dressing guidelines.
Deliver updates/ changes to all employees on insurance changes such as onboarding, termination, price adjustments and general communications.
Oversee the development and implementation of programs and policies for patient services, quality assurance, public relations, and department activities.
Ensure that stock levels are adequate and orders are made on time.
Ensuring a high turnover of patients, management and monitoring of patient turn-around time (TAT).
Ensure all clients’ bills are updated in the system on a day-to-day basis and that patient records are fully updated in a timely manner, and that patient files are completed as per requirements and regulations.
Monitor overall hospital expenses and suggest cost-effective alternatives
Petty cash use regulation –Ensuring only approved and Urgent local purchase is done by pretty cash.
Train and build the capacity of covering staff to ensure all the above are ensured while the branch administrator is away, while being available on call for any solutions needed by the covering staff.
Learning and growth:
Ensuring staff receives training and recertification by MOH and all governing licensing bodies.
Carry out onboarding processes for all new employees
Manage, plan and facilitate continuous training opportunities for all staff for better quality improvement and customer satisfaction.

Qualifications, Experience and Competence:
University degree in Healthcare Administration or relevant field.
A clinical background in nursing, pharmacy, clinical, dental, or related fields is an added advantage.
Experience and skills
5 years of working experience,3 years in a Senior Hospital Leadership position.
Have strong knowledge and capabilities in brand strategy.
Strong negotiation skills.

Method of Application
If you meet our essential criteria and you are looking for a role in a dynamic team where you can make a real difference, please submit your application to the HR Team – Bristol Park Hospital through The application closing date is 31st October, 2022.